It has been established with quite a mark on the stone that data is essential for Financial Institutions to take important decisions pertaining to their business. Strategic solutions that are backed by powerful data definitely go a long run and instill confidence amongst the shareholders. …


In the prospect of a hopeful new year, the Reserve Bank of India announces the launch of a composite Digital Payments Index (DPI) which would help access and capture the extent of digitization of payments across the country.

With the banking regulator and government hustling towards facilitating the adoption of…

Sources — https://towardsdatascience.com/the-ultimate-guide-using-game-theory-to-interpret-machine-learning-c384cbb6929

Game Theory is used to analyze the strategic interaction among two or more players in an environment where risk, rewards, and rules are involved. Corporative Game Theory, in-depth assumes that groups of players, called coalitions, are the primary units of decision-making, and may enforce cooperative behavior.

An Example — Suppose…

Anshika Parihar

Credit & Fraud Risk Analyst — American Express | Devoted Proponent of Maximum Financial Inclusion | Hustling To Bring Life Into Art and Writing.

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